Monday, October 24, 2011

Where Do We Go From Here?

Well, the obvious answer is up, but up is not always so easy. I've spent the last few days driving wedding cakes around town. Plus there was a horrendous (yet successful) first attempt at setting up a chocolate fountain. Yes there was chocolate everywhere and little Hilton napkins all crumpled and brown, tossed to the side in a panic. I was hoping to set it up within 40 minutes of my arrival, but the fountain was lopsided and the chocolate was solidifying. Solid chocolate does not flow. I tried to balance it over here and over there. It really seemed quite doomed. I was determined not to be pushed around by some odd mechanical parts that act as little hills for chocolate to flow over so I just kept moving forward. Honestly, I kept saying to myself "I will not be defeated!" It's sick I know, but I have much more determination than I've ever had. The old me was gaining strength and really just wanted to walk away - "let it figure itself out". But no, not this time. And two hours later the chocolate flowed like a waterfall of silk down to a moat of even more hot melted chocolate. 

I headed straight to the bar. 

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